heal-the-world-day-73, 2, 1! That is how close we are to the end of the year!!

Just 3 more steps in our 9 Days of Becoming a Healer and Healing Crystals Grid celebration! You’re still in time to be included in our distance healing offering! Just reply to this email.

If you missed DAY 1 to 6, you can check them here https://ReikiWellbeing.org/becoming-a-healer. Now to DAY 7 🙂

DAY SEVEN: Heal the Planet

Have you experienced such sensitivity to world events that you didn’t know where your personal pain ended and where the world’s pain began? Well, this is a common occurrence for healers.

We live as individuals, yet we are connected to the grid of the planet, there is no way around that. Primordial wounds have existed for millennia and we experience them together, however, healing at this deeper level can feel overwhelming. Worry not because everything starts with awareness, so you are taking the first step toward transformation just by reflecting upon this important matter.

The global healer’s journey: knowingly or unknowingly, part of the healer’s journey is the contribution to global healing by merely healing themselves. Paying attention to this inner process can save you from unnecessary setbacks on your path, like worrying about your emotions still being triggered after years in healing, feeling depressed because of something going on in our collective, feeling hopeless thinking you cannot make the world a better place when indeed you are contributing with your share.

So today, take a moment to reflect upon this and journal about some of the ways in which you are contributing to healing the collective.

Hope this brought inspiration your way! Looking forward to sharing with you Day 8!!! Much much Love!!



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