craft-your-gift-day-6Beautiful Soul,

We continue our 9 Days of Becoming a Healer and our Healing Crystals Grid celebration! You’re still in time to be included!

THANK YOU for all of you who have replied with heartfelt stories of healing, especially during Day 4 ~ Heal Your Lineage.

If you missed DAY 1 to 5, you can check them here

DAY SIX: Craft Your Gift

All Healers have a special role. Learning a healing style can dramatically expand your skills in powerful ways, however, make sure that your training builds upon your gifts instead of replacing them. This is what I call “Crafting Your Gift”. It is a way to stand up for your own uniqueness and make sure your true purpose in Healing is fulfilled.

Reflection process: close your eyes and remember what brought you to healing in the first place:

  • What was your unique desire?
  • How did you want to help others specifically?
  • Did you have a healing characteristic that others commended you on?
  • Did you have a specific vision for your healing path?Hope that was insightful! Looking forward to Day 7!!! Much Love!! 💙



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