9-days-becoming-healer-day5-kittyBeautiful Soul,

Just four days for the new year!! We are at the epicenter of our 9 Days of Becoming a Healer and our Healing Crystals Grid. You’re still in time to be included!

If you missed DAY 1 to 4, you can check them here https://ReikiWellbeing.org/becoming-a-healer.

DAY FIVE: Elevation Through Experience

I remember receiving my first Reiki Master Teacher training. I wanted to share with everyone this wonderful healing modality but I only had the experience from a few hours in class. Self-doubt go the best of me, I completely froze just thinking about teaching… so I didn’t. Only after I met my mentor, Catherine Morris, and retook the training with her practicing and receiving more healing attunements, I gain profound confidence and was finally able to start sharing it with others. So grateful!

So remember to move beyond theory in your healing path and instead focus on experiencing regular attunements and practice healing in a safe space. That is how it was done by the founder of Reiki, Dr Mikao Usui, and it makes all the difference!

Looking forward to Day 6!!!

You can do all of this finding resources on your own, however, if you want help experiencing regular attunements and practices in a powerful mentorship experience, the Earth Angel Collective might be perfect for you. Earth Angels receive a minimum of 9 attunements per year as well as monthly practices! Feel free to book a complimentary no-obligation consultation call with me to learn more or so that I can help you design a plan for your Healer success! https://calendly.com/victoriavives/call

Lots of Love!! 💕



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