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DAY FOUR: Heal Your Lineage

Being a Healer with acute sensitivity comes with a set of experiences that not everyone might relate to, one of them is feeling bogged down by generational trauma, that is, the healing in our lineage.

The majority of my students feel the call of breaking the cycle after generations of trauma. They often feel alone in this endeavor as their families might not have that insight or vocation.

In order to become the best Healer that you can be, you want to make sure you address this aspect. This is the one step that I recommend to do with the guidance of a mentor since deep seated trauma can be tough to heal. However, you can today set an intention to learn more about your lineage and how you can start breaking the cycle in creative ways.

ACTION STEP: Have a conversation with your grandparents or parents for further insight if they are still on this plane. You will be surprised at how powerful this can be for both them and yourself!

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Looking forward to Day 5!!!

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