Happy Christmas Eve, Beautiful Soul! πŸŽ„

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful time with loved ones and that you will enjoy the gift we have for you πŸ™‚

Adding our own spin to the traditional 12 Days of Christmas, we started 9 Days of Becoming a Healer yesterday to receive the New Year! That means that day 9 will be December 31st πŸ™‚

Whether you want to become a Healer for your self-healing, healing of loved ones, or to pursue a professional career as a Healer, this series will support you in a powerful way!

We are also tending a Healing Crystals Grid for these nine days, each day with a specific focus. Comment on this post to have your name included in the grid in the daily themes that resonate with you.

After this quick recap, let’s continue with DAY 2… (if you missed DAY 1, you can check it here https://ReikiWellbeing.org/becoming-a-healer).

DAY TWO: Learn Healing Techniques ✨

On our first day of Becoming a Healer, we connected with the important foundation that is Self-Healing.

Today, we are going to the next level. I am all in for exploring our own intuition and researching for healing techniques online. However, in the last few years the amount of information has grown in such a way that it can become overwhelming and with everyone sharing whether they have training, or a gift, or neither, it is challenging to extract what can truly help us.

Because of this, I encourage you to gift yourself the opportunity to learn from a teacher who has devoted their life to healing… and here is where my HO HO HO Christmas gift to you comes in! A complimentary introductory Reiki course for you! Just go to http://ReikiWellbeing.org/free and experience the guidance available within world renown lineages of Healing.

So today, just make sure to claim this Christmas gift and I will share more with you tomorrow!

Feel free to comment on this post to share your intentions for learning healing techniques or to be included in the Crystal Healing Grid in regards to learning healing!

Can’t wait to share with you day 3!!!



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Don’t miss out on the 9 Days to Becoming a Healer! Subscribe to receive them in your inbox with our special offers and announcements.

Don’t miss out on the 9 Days to Becoming a Healer! Subscribe to receive them in your inbox with our special offers and announcements.

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