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Two Years After The Apprenticeship…

Beautiful sharing from my dearest, Rebecca Blake and Michelle Sarai Vega on April 3rd, 2015!


Two years ago today I started a journey that would alter every aspect of my life forever. I had been dealing with severe depression for 4 years. I had spent $25k on therapy, taken a multitude of pills, and barely graduated college. Depression, for me, was a bleak disconnection from the world, I felt like someone had pulled a layer of murky film over my eyes, I would see flashes, spots, and everything looked grey to me; I couldn’t wake up, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stop sleeping and I couldn’t communicate. I was numb, I intellectually knew when something should incite… say… a sense of humor and even though I knew it, I couldn’t feel it. So I would pretend laugh… I just wanted to appear normal to whatever degree I could, but inside, I was completely blank. Like a stone statue. Nothing could get past the barriers around my heart. For all intents and purposes, I was dead inside.

I knew something had to change. I abandoned tradition, I abandoned western ideas and medicine… it obviously wasn’t working. I was taking pills for the pills I was taking. I was taking pills to wake up, think straight, feel alive, concentrate, and finally, to go to sleep. ABSURD – most of all, it didn’t work! I abandoned them all and replaced them with Cannabis – which effectively replaced them all without any of the side effects or addiction. I got interested in my health, I got interested in what I may have been blindly doing to cause it all. I got interested in discovering where I had prescribed to an opinion over reality.

The open mindedness of my own mother throughout my life (which lead me to be a free thinker) along with her and my dads powerful spiritual convictions (life lessons that supported my mind in making sense of things that can’t be seen and learning to trust when it didn’t) had graced me with large toolset – commitment, capacity for insight, and the ability to allow and accept a few chance powerful experiences with the subtler senses in life through energy healing sessions we would receive from a very dear friendDenise Norbut. Denise shared with me some basic exercises for sensing energy and I discovered how easy it was to interact with something that often cannot be seen unless you are highly practiced in the sensing of energy. Everyone can sense energy, and we use it every moment of every day rather blindly because we lack distinctions for what it is and how we interact with and use it. Knowing the basics of this allowed me to recognize when I was sensing something beyond the physical world. Which would lead to a greater inquiry and deeper self development.

So when I graduated from college in December of 2012 I realized there were two things missing from my life, and it could be no mistake that my time away from those things had contributed to the state of disconnection, disassociation, disturbance, and fog that I was in. I had not been honoring my spiritual path, my faith had been on hold and I could feel my teacher (Jesus, aka Yeshua) calling out to me to listen and look for the things that cannot be seen. My whole being ACHED for something more. And I had not been seeking to develop my spirit or the senses that come with it… to know the world (and it is a WORLD) beyond what can be seen.

Around the time I realized this, I decided to look around for classes in energy work – and I committed to God that I would be willing to give up any belief to discover and experience the reality and truth of life. I quickly discovered Victoria Vives Khuong, the community she has built and the classes she offers. I found her “Energy Healer Apprenticeship Program” a one year program (and a big commitment)… a commitment I instantly felt was as close to “destiny” as possible. I applied to be her apprentice and quickly received her joyful response in partnering with me to accomplish my spiritual goals.

Today, two years ago, was the first day I met Victoria and my fellow apprentice Live BE Love(Michelle). Two years ago today I started on a journey that I know had been a long time coming. A journey that would take every aspect of my life, good, bad, and neutral and combine it all into the most powerful transformational experience of my life (so far). Along the way, many angels facilitated my growth and expansion. Many souls come rushing to my aid. They are so numerous I can hardly believe it. Not a single person in my life was in it for no reason. You ALL played a huge role – none of it would be possible without YOU.

I had no idea what was in store for me over those 12 months, and I will spend the rest of my life discovering the unbelievably positive impact and benefits of seeing that commitment through. I gave up everything, in the end I gave up myself. Today marks the day I gave myself up to the will of the creator – wholly and completely. I chose to be a stone in the universal slingshot and I had no idea what it would be like to soar through the universe, nor did I know what target I would be hurled towards.

By the end of that twelve months, the world would not be the same, I would not be the same, I would be free forever from depression, I would know first had that miracles are real and I would know that every person on this planet is capable, blessed, powerful, and part of the greater whole. I would have experienced a transformation that no words can ever express… all words fall short of the glory and power that lies inside of us – the connection to everything we resist until our life is utterly miserable and the possible benefits outweigh the risk of continuing in misery.

I would walk away knowing through first hand experience that we are limitless beings. That we are now offered the opportunity to wake up, or choose to stay asleep (like when someone wakes you up early on a Saturday morning and you just groan and roll over until they leave you alone and then you miss the awesome breakfast and later wish you had gotten up). I would know that it is all okay, that we are (collectively) rapidly approaching a destination we can barely fathom and that dying while you are alive so you can truly live is the greatest proverb of them all.

I promised God, and I promise this continually, that I would Discover this thing… this thing people stumble to put into words… enlightenment, ascension, salvation, freedom, oneness, truth… whatever you want to call it… I promised I would dedicate my life to the discovery of whatever that thing is, and when I found it, I would share it with everyone.

This is my promise. It is a promise to utterly demolish and destroy illusions, to shine a light in dark places and above all, to be used completely by God, Love, The Creator, the Source, Everything. It is a promise to be a vessel, empty, available, constantly in surrender. It is a promise to be of service, to be humble, to allow and to receive. It is a promise to co-create exclusively with love, to base my foundation for integrity in the dynamics of Love and to be willing to alter myself for that purpose. It is a commitment to be whole, to forgive, to embody and to inspire. It is a commitment to die to myself every day… it is to choose to give up myself so I can be my Self. It requires me to let go of concern for what people might think of me, it requires me to be aware, it requires me to be present. And it is worth every step.

I’m just like you. Just like everyone. This journey is like climbing K2, you can see it all from the top and there is no difference between you and the next guy… where you’re at is where you have been willing to get yourself and nothing or no one is stopping you except for you. There is SO much more I could say, so many more stops that made a difference… like my participation in things like Burning Man and Landmark Worldwide, and an incredibly challenging and rewarding coaching friendship with my dear friend Tom Page. And those who have valued my sharing and listened to me as a leader by allowing me to contribute to the possibility of theirs… people like DaKota, Sarinea, Ben,Betty, Michelle, Jules, Christie, Nick, Sivan, Kiki, and COUNTLESS others who have my ETERNAL GRATITUDE.

My only advice is keep climbing, preserver, constitute yourself with courage, and faith, COMMIT, FOLLOW THROUGH, walk towards your greatest fears and pains and discover what is on the other side. Be relentless, bold, and willing to risk it all. The journey never ends, it evolves. Keep going. Keep up. Start and the pressure will be off. Release the things you are attached to. All of them will hold you back and none of them are real love.

Your time is now. Nothing is out of place, nothing has ever been out of place.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I love you.

I acknowledge ALL of you. I would be no where without your stand for my healing and greatness. I would be no where without the experiences you contributed to me. Thank you, a thousand times.

Rebecca Blake

This was my first day of a year long Energy Healer Apprenticeship led by my amazing and empowering soul sistar Victoria Vives Khuong. I met a lifelong friend and sistar Rebecca Blake in whom I see Spirit working powerfully through her and as her. This was a time where I began to remembrance spirituality and my own form of practice after a 5 year hiatus in believing in nothing going through the seemingly darkness of the human experience. I began to shed the old doctrines and belief systems spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. I opened my heart once again to the Infinite and began to trust myself in an empowering way. The shamanism practice help me to connect with the Earth Mother in a way that brought much needed healing, balance, restoration and unconditional love back into my awareness. The Earth Mother reintroduced the balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine structure for my life. I left that day feeling really connected, really clear and feeling the shifts within me and all of life. I feel very greatful for this reminder in photo and for what transpired after class and in the following days of my awakening. I am thankful for my ancestors who paved the way and are teaching me the new ways of existence and thankful for the beings and protectors of Light and Love assisting in assimilation and integration of Truth.

Blessings to ALL
~Michelle Sarai Vega

Aka Live BE Love

Esto fue el comienzo de un aprendizaje para Sanación Energética en un año. Direjido por la espetacular Victoria Vives Khuong. En el proceso conosi a mi hermana Rebecca Blake en que miro el Espíritu moviendo a través y por medió de ella poderosamente. Me recuerdo que este fue el primer inició de mi parte a comenzar a creer en lo espiritual y cultivar mi íntima práctica de nuevo después de estar aparentemente en un momento de oscuridad. Comencé a dejar ir las doctrinas y pensamientos que ya no me servían espiritualmente, emocionalmente, mentalmente y físicamente. Fue un renacer y abrí mi corazón de nuevo al Absoluto y renacio una confianza en mi y en mi totalidad. La práctica del chamanismo me ayudó a conectarme con nuestra Madre Tierra y restablecer el balance del Divino Masculino y la Divina Femenina. Éso trajo sanación profunda, balance y amor incondicional de regresó a mi ser. Doy gracias por esta experiencia y lo qué aconteció despues de clase y los meses después. Doy gracias a mis ancestros que caminaron sus verdades sin temor y me guían a lo nuevo del existir en Verdad. Doy gracias a los seres de Amor Luz y Paz que nos protegen y asisten en la asimilación y integración de Luz. Orden y Verdad.

Bendiciones para TODOS,
~Michelle Sarai Vega
Aka Live BE Love

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