We are a growing community of Healers with the shared vision of making Reiki and other Energy and Spiritual Healing traditions accessible through the highest levels of mentoring and education.

We believe that the path to oneness, a radiant global consciousness, and a harmony with the Earth is achieved through love, compassion, and a diversity of healing arts that speaks to the complex nature of the human spirit.

Our unique approach draws from the modern evolution of energy healing as seen in Reiki, EFT, the artistry of sound, song, and dance, the ancient wisdom of Shamanic practices, the primal forces of Nature, healing crystals and medicinal herbs, the mystery of Time-Space and the human psyche, and so much more.

If you are new to healing, join one of our introductory classes such is the Shamanic Drumming circle or introduction to Reiki. If you are ready to go deeper, we invite you to explore our comprehensive certification courses such as Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, and Psychic Reader. If you are ready for the ultimate healing arts journey, apply to our flagship program the Oneness Energy Healer Apprenticeship.




Victoria Vives Khuong

Victoria Vives Khuong is a vibrant Spiritual and Energy Healing Teacher. Her spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 1998 after a near death experience brought her into her spiritual path…

Nhan-Esteban Khuong

a man with a smile on his face with a beard
Nhan is a dedicated Husband, Traditional Medicine practitioner, Martial Arts and self-defense trainer, Bladesmith, wilderness living and primitive skills instructor…

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