Music that nurtures your soul, melding the power of Sound Healing, positive mantras and poetry to awaken the divine in you. Experience a synthesis of modern song craft, traditional sounds, and spiritual empowerment to transport you beyond time and space.  Composed and sung by Victoria Vives.  Musical production by Adrian Schinoff.

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Isn’t It a Wonderful Life?  In times of trials and surrender, the walls within tumble down, allowing our true essence and light to shine through.

Eternal Soul  Like a ray from the sun connected with its source, when we go within and recognize our interconnectedness with all beings and all life, there is no separation between us and The One.

Divine Sacred Goddess  We all, male or female, carry the Divine Feminine within –  A nurturing force that is often forgotten in our daily lives.  Revive this wisdom within you!

 O A ZE O NE  A traditional Japanese REIKI Mantra that brings profound benefits.  The perfect companion for REIKI self-healing and sessions.  For the best healing effects, play on repeat.

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