“There are a number of Reiki practitioners out there, but on a rare occasion you discover someone really special.  Victoria brings light to life, transforming stuck or negative energy or illnesses into flow and function, bringing well being to mind, body and spirit.  She is warm, vibrant, kind, generous and embodies the spirit of the practice.  The energy that flows through her is a gift to us all.” – Joan R., Sierra Madre, CA
“I have to honestly say that Victoria is a MASTER at her craft in many ways.   Her classes are very informative, full of many details and much practice.  In addition to her classes she offers practice sessions for you to come and perfect your skills.  I have taken Reiki I, II and I am currently working on my Crystal Healer Certification.  I have NEVER left class unsatisfied and have grown so MUCH MORE spiritually since meeting and attending Victoria’s classes.  Victoria, THANK YOU for being a wonderful instructor and sharing your art with so much love and gratitude.  May all the positive energies of the world light your life for eternity” – Lisi Z., Corona, CA
“Victoria is my 6th reiki master, so I’ve studied with many others and none come even close to the life changing experiences I’ve had with Victoria. As far as what I’ve experienced, she represents a true and knowledgeable Reiki Master.” – Carlton R., Los Angeles, CA
“I feel very bless to have found Victoria.  I wanted so much to study Reiki with a spiritual, knowledgeable and honest person and I found all that in Victoria.  I leave her classes feeling whole and with great peace in my soul. Great things have happened to me in my spiritual life since the first class I had with her. She is very encouraging and takes the time to care.  I took Reiki I and II and I am waiting to take Reiki Master.  At present I am taking her 3 month Crystal Healing class. The first class was very informative and it felt like we were a big family. I am looking forward to the second one.
Thumbs up, Victoria.” – Gloria, Montebello, CA
“Almost anyone can teach techniques, but the mark of an extraordinary spiritual teacher is the ability to facilitate self-discovery. I have studied Reiki I, II and Crystal Healing with Victoria, and try to go to as many community events that I could. I drive to West Covina from Culver City to study with her, because she is one of a kind. If you are seeking spiritual awakening, would like to get to know your higher-self better, and would like to have a safe place and a circle of good people to do it with, go to Victoria. You will not be disappointed.” – Misako L., Culver City, CA
“I have been coming to Reiki Wellbeing Reiki classes, Meditation, Shamanic Drumming Circle and Crystal Healing classes for over two years and I cannot express the gratitude that I have for Victoria.  She has helped me spiritually, thought me and gave me the right tools to meditate either with Reiki, Shamanism, Crystals and with our higher beings.  I love coming to her center…….it’s peaceful, harmonious, and very spiritual.  Most of all she is very professional.  My family also loves coming to her as well, there is something about her that makes everybody feel at peace no matter what classes or workshops you are taking from her.  You come out of her center feeling sooooo peaceful.  Her years of experience bring love and light!!!! I highly recommend Reiki Wellbeing.” – Susana O., Los Angeles, CA
“Just  I can say: SHE IS THE BEST! She is a wonderful teacher. I’m so glad to meet her and working on my Crystal Healer Certification with her!!!” – Martha G., Harbor City, CA
“I have attended many of Victoria’s groups over the past 3 years and have enjoyed them all –sound healing, chakra/aura cleansing, metaphysics mastermind, shamanic drumming (my favorite!), crystal healing, Reiki share, outdoor hike & meditation, crystal open house and more!  Victoria is very kind and knowledgeable and has great energy and spirit about her:  She is well prepared and puts a lot of thought and care into her teachings.  I love the space she has created and find it very safe and nurturing.  I appreciate the handouts she prepares and find them very helpful.  I leave her gatherings feeling enriched, energized and at peace.  I am grateful to have found her meet-up groups and recommend her highly! :-)” – Y L.,  La Habra, CA
“I have trained with Victoria in both martial arts and Reiki and I can honestly say that she is a great teacher. She has a true passion for healing and cares for her students and clients. If you are interested in the healing arts, I would not hesitate to recommend Victoria.” – Gilbert V., West Covina, CA
“I have so far attended Reiki I, II, III, a 3 month Crystal Healer Certification, and a Shamanic Drumming Circle at Reiki Well Being.  Victoria is a wonderful teacher.  She is supportive and full of positive vibrant energy.  Her space is peaceful and an oasis for spiritual rejuvenation.  I have transformed through knowing her and attending her classes in such an incredible way.  I highly recommended this place!” – Jules D., Los Angeles, CA
“Victoria is an amazing person!! I would like to believe that Reiki was a calling for me and it lead me to join Reiki Wellbeing \(^_^)/  Because of Victoria, I am now a Certified Reiki Master.  The experience for each class/event I attended was so powerful and at the end of the day, I feel like I’m well-balanced!  It’s an unexplicable feeling. Very relaxing too!  Victoria is a wonderful teacher.  Some of the things I like about her is her “attention to detail” and she listens well to her students.  I think the compassion she has towards others is what makes her successful in her Reiki practice.  I love Reiki Wellbeing!  Thank you so much, Victoria.  Namaste.” – J S.  Lakewood, CA


3 Month Program:

“For the first time in my life I have the courage to live the life that I was meant to live. Thank you from my heart Victoria! I love you and hope the very best for you always!”
– Sheila Sampson

“WOW” is what first comes to mind.  I have learned so much that I don’t know where to begin.  I learned to heal myself of course with the help of Victoria.  And learned that the mind is so powerful and our imagination as well.  Meditation has helped me so much more than anything. Clearing the negative energy, cleansing the chakras and learning about there purpose.  Using my Reiki guides, my God, my Angels, and my power animals each of them having it’s purpose through my meditations.  I was having a full house by the end of my assignments.  I also discovered to love myself, to let go of any bad habits and forgiving.  I learned that I want to live a peaceful life with my family, friends and co-workers and that I and everybody else…..we are not perfect we are all humans and we all make mistakes.

I learned to listen and to trust my intuition. I learned not be hard on myself because of the mistakes that I’ve made but to learn from them and that to me means the love that I have for myself.  The most powerful change that I’ve made is that I am more calm I don’t make a big deal of things.  If I don’t have control of certain situations and if it’s eating me up, I meditate.  It has become very clear to me that to find happiness in your life, is not through somebody else, but my own self, prayer, faith and meditation. I am still growing  and still learning….I love it and I Love myself

Thank you Victoria for helping take this big step in my life……”You are a beautiful soul”
– Susana Ortega


REIKI 10 Minute Session Testimonials:  Even 10 minutes of REIKI can allow profound change for you!

“I’ve had several Reiki sessions in the past but my session with Victoria was different. The good hearted energy that she shared with me was very soothing. Normally I only experience the “heat” of the energy but there seemed to be a cool, gentle breeze surrounding my body. I also experienced a brief flash of a good memory. Thank you Victoria for you positive vibes!”
– Rommel San Agustin

“I went into my first Reiki experience with an open mind. I did not know what I was going to feel or when it would happen. Coming out of the session, I was in a state of calmness that I have never been in nor have even come close to putting myself into. Thank you so much Victoria for the experience. I have reflected on it many times.”
– Mike Jara

“I didn’t know what to expect or what was expected of me , so I lay in expectation.  I decided I’d relax and wait.  During the “wait” I felt spurts of warmth at different parts of my body.  It felt nice.  I asked Victoria whether she was using a candle, because of the warmth I felt, but she said it was just the REIKI energy.  I saw flashes of color at times: emerald green, ruby red and imperial blue.  During these flashes of color I felt even warmer.  It was nice on such a cold rainy day.”
– Alicia Villarreal

“From my first session with Victoria, I could instantly feel the powerful healing energy that she channels.  I felt very relaxed during the session, and afterwards I felt rested and ready to take on the rest of my day!”
– Gilbert Vega


REIKI Certification Classes Testimonials:  Even more powerful than a REIKI session, is to become attuned for channeling REIKI Energy yourself!

“Because of my desire to learn more about myself and expand both my awareness and potential, I’ve been drawn to look at so many different courses, but they just felt bland and lifeless. Once I found Victoria’s classes, I knew that it was exactly the training I have been looking for. Victoria is a natural teacher and spiritual guide with a special charisma and energy that makes learning easy, engaging, and fun. Most importantly, her genuine, warm and loving personality creates a sense of being amongst family and close friends. Victoria uses a unique holistic approach in her course that I’ve only seen with the best teachers, drawing on all the senses for a truly multi-modal experience. In this way, she gives texture to the ethereal so that it is easy to experience and understand. As a psychologist and teacher, myself, constantly looking to improve my own abilities, Victoria is an inspiration and ideal role model.I not only recommend Victoria’s courses, but also believe that the love and inner harmony awakened by her training are essential to anyone interested in living a happy and fulfilling life.”
– Alicia

“During our Reiki class, Victoria answered and resolved all of our questions (which were many), dedicating all the necessary time to us. I greatly enjoyed her professional manners and her adaptability in meeting all of our group needs. I specially enjoyed the possibility of practicing everything we learned under Victoria’s advice and supervision.”
– Martha

This class was intense and wonderful! I had a little experience with Reiki, and thought I had the basic handle on it, but what Victoria taught me was very thorough, strong, and beautiful! 95% was all new information! Victoria has very gentle loving energy, and upon first meeting her, (me being skeptical of all teachers), she instantly had my respect and it didn’t falter once. She’s very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone. All in all, the experience was amazing and I encourage anyone reading this to try it out for themselves! 5 stars easily!!”
– Anastasia

“I am very happy to have had Victoria as a teacher for reiki certification. It has been a very enriching experience at a personal and spiritual level”
– Maria

I feel increased confidence in my ability to help fellow human beings. I recommend this class!
– Alicia

“I had great time and experience in very comfortable environment. I learned a lot and I felt so right attending this class. Thank you, Victoria for organizing this great meetup and class! I will come back to join more upcoming meet up with you!!”
– Nozomi


REIKI Meditation and Practice
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REIKI Meditation and Practice



REIKI Level I Certification
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REIKI Level II Certification
A full day class from 10am to 5pm
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