Classes Accessible to Everyone in the Community!

Our mission at and is to provide empowering tools
to promote health, wellbeing, and positive change in the world.

To further this cause, we offer tuition solutions for every situation:

Tuition Specials

Take advantage of Early Bird savings, Sliding Scales and Payment Plan options in many of our programs.

Referral Rewards

Refer family and friends to any class, workshop, or program and receive up to $100 per person you refer.


Opportunities to receive a scholarship for classes and training programs are offered every year.

Work Trade

The opportunity to exchange services for classes is limited but ongoing.  Inquire for availability of this option!

Crowdfunding / Fundraising

Many times our courses have been fully funded thanks to the student opening a crowdfunding/fundraising campaign.  Resourcefulness can take you anywhere.  You can make it happen!!

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