Karuna REIKI® Healing Sessions by Donation


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RSVP or text/call (213) 632-9707 or contact me at www.reikiwellbeing.org/contact.

REIKI is a Japanese technique that brings you optimal energy flow and release of blockages, so that your body can do what knows how to do best – HEAL.

REIKI brings health, happiness, relaxation, harmony, and wellbeing to your life at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Karuna REIKI® is an advanced REIKI technique. Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassionate action.  This technique has all the benefits from REIKI and also adds great assistance from the Divine and the experience of multidimensional healing.

SPECIAL ~ Donation based Karuna REIKI® Healing sessions.  Choose your 30min time slot from 9am to 3:30pm (the last appointment is at 3pm).  You can choose any donation of your choice.  In this special Donation based Karuna REIKI® Healing session you will receive:
– Healing on a cellular level

– Healing on past life and Karmic issues

– Healing on abuse (child abuse, physical, sexual)

– Healing on addictions, shadow self, relationships

– Connection with Spiritual Beings and Higher Self

– Claiming your power and healing co-dependence

– Releasing insomnia, fear, psychic and psychological attack

– Much more!
Set a focused intention for your session for better results (choose one aspect to work on).

I recommend to RSVP with more than 24hrs in advance in order to secure your space.  This event fills up quickly!

Contact me at (213) 632-9707 (text/call) or through http://reikiwellbeing.org/contact to schedule your appointment and receive the address.

The regular price for this 30 min session is of $40 to $60 or more.
For this special day, only a donation of your choice is requested.

Also, if you are interested on becoming a Karuna REIKI® practitioner, please contact me for details.  I will be teaching a class soon.


Looking forward to meeting with you!

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Karuna REIKI®

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Victoria Vives Khuong
REIKI Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher registered with ICRT (International Center For Reiki Training)

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