FREE REIKI Self-Healing Attunement


Wednesday, February 20th, 7pm – RSVP>>

REIKI is one of the most powerful ways to bring new light and inner guidance to your life!

  • Improve your health and happiness
  •  Practice Guided Meditation
  •  Be attuned for REIKI Self-Healing
  •  Learn how to perform a REIKI self-treatment
  •  Increase your self-esteem and discover what is possible for you!

FREE Event.  Everyone is welcome!  Donations are kindly appreciated.
Exact location will be given to the attendees.

If you are already a REIKI practitioner, your presence is most welcome, as you will receive a re-attunement and contribute by holding the space for everyone around.

Victoria Vives Khuong
REIKI Ryoho Master Teacher certified by the International House of REIKI, Usui/Tibetan REIKI Master Teacher, and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher registered with ICRT (International Center For Reiki Training)


Increase your REIKI ability!
Duration: 19min 22sec
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Price: $12.95

Meditation for Superheroes

A Guided Meditation for achieving confidence, empowerment, and relaxation.

Price: $10.00 $9.00